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Vent Window Weatherstrip

1964-1968 Ford Mustang vent window seals.  Weatherstripping for the vent, the division bar seals, glass run channel, top of vent seals and vent to door seals.

  • 1964-66 Glass Run Channels

    1964-66 Glass Run Channels

    1964-1966 Ford Mustang glass run channel and vent window top seals, kit. Vertical channel which runs behind vent window that door glass slides in. Rear door run repair material is sold separately.  Features original type mohair inside channel,...

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  • 1967-68 Front of Vent Window Seal

    1967-68 Front of Vent Window Seal

    1967-68 Ford Mustang front of vent window seal, pair. These high quality vent window seals are the first on the market to replace the original Ford part exactly. This is the small seal at the front of the door and next to the door weatherstrip.

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  • 1967-68 Glass Run Channels

    1967-68 Glass Run Channels

    1967-68 Ford Mustang glass run channel, pair. Insert to replace worn rubber and felt channel guide for door glass. Features original looking felt. Top molded pieces are bonded securely and has steel inserts for added strength. Made by Daniel Carpenter...

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  • 1967-68 Outer Edge Vent Window

    1967-68 Outer Edge Vent Window

    1967-68 Ford Mustang outer edge of vent window to door weatherstrip, pair. Special thin strip glues on the vent window. Stops water from leaking between vent window and door.

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  • Outside view Inside view

    1967-68 Vent Window Seal Ford Tooling

    1967-1968 Ford Mustang vent window seal, each. Made from original Ford tooling by Daniel Carpenter. If you want the best fit and finish, these are the seals for you. Please select left or right side from the drop down menu.    ...

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